GLaDOSGLaDOS voice generator

This tool lets you type in some text, and the server will generate a GLaDOS-like reading of the text.
Who/what is GLaDOS? The main antagonist in Portal, a video game by Valve. See the Portal Wiki article on GLaDOS for more information.

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Why should I enter my email?

Because of the inefficient process used to generate voice lines (see below), it takes about ~10 minutes to generate a single line, and many people may use this generator at the same time. Thus, when you ask the server to generate a voice file, it adds your request to the end of the request queue. Your message will be synthesized when it moves up to the first position in the queue, which can take a while. Entering your email is a way for the server to notify you about the completion of the process.
If you do not enter any email, you will not be notified and will have to check the list of processed messages regularly.


About GLaDOS's voice

GLaDOS was voiced by Ellen McLain, a professional voice actress. This tool is automated, thus cannot rely on professional voice acting; instead, it uses text-to-speech synthesis to generate a female voice, then distorts it to make it more GLaDOS-like. This process is quite long and obviously produces results of poorer quality than the voice you hear in Portal; do not expect Portal perfection.

How is the voice generated?

There are various tutorials around the web on how to do this. Here is such a tutorial (as a YouTube video):

The problem is that this method makes use of GUI (graphical user interface) software, which cannot be easily automated. What this tool does is, indeed, to automate them anyway, despite the shortcomings of such a method. Here is what happens when you enter a message in the form above:


Made by Etienne Pérot. [Hacky source code]
Portal and GLaDOS are property of Valve.
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Software used: Melodyne, Python, Linux, VirtualBox, Festival, Apache, PHP, MySQL.